Airbnb Superhost in Bangalore

CITISPACE is an Airbnb Superhost again, the 7th time in a row. This recognition has come at a time when the entire hospitality sector is going through an exceptional crisis due to the pandemic. Its been a privilege to be able to serve guests and meet their expectations even during these difficult times. We have learned a lot about people and the expectations in this journey. We were striving so hard and we will continue working hard to make our guest experience even better! There are very few Airbnb Superhost in Bangalore.

We would like to acknowledge, with gratitude, the dedicated Airbnb team for this supportive platform, our hardworking & dedicated Staff and most importantly understanding, considerate & wonderful Guests from around the world. We thank you wholeheartedly for this great honour, the 7 in a row Airbnb SUPERHOST award!

About Airbnb Superhost Program: Airbnb launched its Superhost program in 2016 to reward its most devoted hosts with special recognition and to ensure a consistent experience for its guests. The Superhost program has a more comprehensive quality metric as compared to the regular review system and achieving the target consistently has a lot of hard work involved. The performance of the host is evaluated every three months.

Airbnb Monthly Rentals

CITISPACE provides Airbnb daily or Airbnb monthly rentals in Bangalore. Our Airbnb Monthly rentals in Bangalore is very much sought after and preferred accommodation by most of the international travellers who are looking for Airbnb for extended stays.