What are the differences between hotels and serviced apartments?

A typical Serviced Apartment offers 70% more space than a Hotel room, with separate areas for eating, sleeping, and working. Contrary to Hotels, the vast majority of Serviced Apartments have free Wi-Fi, washing machine, functional kitchen and some even offer rental of office equipment such as printers and scanners. While the apartments are well kitted out, there are also a number of properties that offer gym facilities, bars, restaurants, and even on-site shops. For stays of seven nights or more, the average serviced apartment is 10% cheaper than equivalent hotel accommodation, increasing to 25% after 30 nights, and 30% after 90 nights.

Is there a minimum length of stay?

The minimum length of stay varies from serviced apartments to serviced apartments. Some properties are available on a nightly basis and some are specifically for a longer duration. If any such restrictions are applicable for a property such details are mentioned in property-specific pages. A greater selection of serviced apartments will be available to you if you book for seven nights or more.

When do I need to pay?

Reservations are billed at the point of booking and must be paid in full to confirm your reservation. We reserve the right to deny check-in if payments are not made as per payment terms.

What are accepted identification documents ?

We accept only government-approved identification documents such as Election ID, Aadhaar Card, Driving Licence and Passport. Foreign nationals must provide a valid Visa and Passport. It’s mandatory to show original ID cards including for infants or kids if any.

If I cancel, can I get a refund?

Whether you receive a refund is dependent on if you cancel your booking in accordance with the specific Serviced Apartment’s cancellation policy.

What should I do if I have a problem on arrival or during my stay?

Please refer to the confirmation document that was sent to you via email when you made your reservation. On your confirmation, you’ll find the following contact numbers: Office number: +44 (0) (office hours, only: 8am – 6pm) Office number of the property manager (office hours, only: 8am – 6pm)

How many guests can stay in my apartment?

The standard occupancy of each apartment type varies. Typically, the below rules apply: Studio apartment – two people One-bedroom apartment – two people Two-bedroom apartment – four people Three-bedroom apartment – six people

Does your apartments have a Kitchen?

All of our apartments have a functional Kitchen, Utensils & home size refrigerator

Do you provide washing machine within the apartment ?

All serviced apartments & extended stay apartments have common washing machines. The availability of private washing machine within the apartment varies from property to property.

What are the locations of CITISPACE apartments ?

We have a network of serviced apartments and extended stay apartments across North Bangalore, East Bangalore and West Bangalore.

Do you allow parties or gatherings ?

Please note that we strictly dont allow parties or gatherings in any of our apartments. Our properties are mostly located in peaceful residential neighbourhood and most of our clients are Families, Health Care Travelers and Corporates.

What are the best localities to book a serviced apartment in Bangalore ?

Some of the best localities to mention are Kalyan Nagar, Hebbal, Sahakar Nagar, Yelahanka & Rajajinagar.